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The Document module combines our document imaging system with extensive mail merge capabilities.

Features include:

  • Store any kind of document (image, PDF, MS Office, TIF (Fax), more)
  • Upload one or multiple documents via drag-and-drop
  • Virtually unlimited storage (into the petabytes)
  • Copy or move documents between imaging systems, FTP sites, or web service endpoints.
  • Mail merge compatibility with Word, Crystal Reports, Aspose, PDF.
  • Upload merge templates through the front end.

Create custom data-entry screens on the fly, including user-defined fields.

Features include:

  • GUI (drag-and-drop) interface to create forms
  • User-defined fields can be used (in addition to all canned fields)
  • Include child panels (documents, messages, etc.)
  • Seamless integration with Worklists (queuing)